Its a cycle

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You happened to be my March rain
that for sure was not an ordain

It was indeed amain
became hard for me to abstain

Indeed like providence again
felt good to be just plain

I’ve learnt to fain
even with all my humanly constrain

Only obvious you had to disdain
for it would cause some distain

I’m used to pain
whats happening is not in vain

Hate to be that blain
only fair you had to complain

Be sure to be ascertain
It definitely is not in lain


Sila aasaigal…

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Nijamaaga Nee
Nizhalaaga naan
Nichchayamaai theengu
Nerungaadhu unai
Naan paarkka
Ninaithaen dhinamum

Neruppendru therindhum
Niththilamae unn
Nachcharippu vaendum
Nidhamum enakku
Nigarilla devathayae

Kaadhal Thaekkam

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Kaadhal endru koorinenae…

kaattu thendralaai maarinaaye…

Kangalaal pesinaai…kaarkuzhal kodhinaai…

Kaiviral pinna pinna…kaal viral kolam poda…

kaadhalai mattum yean thaekkinaai.

Trading Cards a test post

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Trading Cards aren’t new but when anything comes out of the Monkey Master’s Tree House – ThinkGeek you almost know what’s in store for you.

Just in case if we’re wondering, ThinkGeek has flashed first set of 8 cards of the 56 collectible Geek Trading Cards all of them illustrated by famed artist Len Peralta.

It seems, Len Peralta has been interviewing one geek hero a week for last 52 weeks and has also been posting podcasts of the discussions online that he used for designing the front and back of  the trading cards.

Joins him are the comedic music duo Paul and Storm to write the descriptions in their own wacky geeky way!

All these geeks are leaders in their respective industries: Art, Movies, Music, Computers, Science.

The first set comes with the following geeks personified by Len Peralta:

  • Jonathan Coulton
  • Fred Seibert
  • Veronica Belmont
  • John Scalzi
  • Rifftrax
  • Bonnie Burton
  • MC Frontalot
  • Ken Plume

Clearly, the fun of geekdom has just begun with the first set, wait for the rest of the 48 cards to get flashed in the weeks to come!